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Clean Up Australia Day

Last Friday the students were busy cleaning up the playground and the front of the school for Clean Up Australia Day. The students at Cawdor PS understand the importance of looking after the environment and always ensure their rubbish goes in the bin. All the classes are currently learning about the environment and sustainability.

In kindergarten the students are learning about how they can reduce waste at school. They had a look at their lunch boxes and had a discussion about how they could reduce the amount of waste they bring to school. Some of the students mentioned that using containers would be a great idea.

The Wallabies (1/2) class have been looking at the importance of using water responsibly. At our school we have tank water and the students discussed why it is so important at our school to make sure we are not wasting the water.

Clean Up Australia Day has made the Echidnas (3/4 class) think about litter and how long it takes for waste to break down. They have looked at how important it is to look after the environment.

The Koalas (5/6 class) have been looking at sustainability and how important it is to ensure there is enough environment for everyone, forever. They are looking at reducing their ecological footprint and noting how well we are already taking care of our environment here at CPS.

Here are some photos of the students cleaning up our school

The whole school on Clean Up Australia Day Mr Crompton Cooling off after Clean Up Australia Day Clean up                                                               



We also have an Enviro Power group at our school and these students work very hard to look after our school environment with Mr Willcocks'. They take care of our veggie garden, the chickens and also have meetings to discuss relevant activities the school could run in order the be more sustainable.

Enviro Power 2016